Marcus Jordan Had A Very Successful Collegiate Basketball Career

June 04, 2015
Marcus Jordan is the son of one of the most famous sportsmen alive. The great number twenty-three, Michael Jordan himself. Being the son of the great basketball player ever born would discourage many from trying to play basketball in public. However, Marcus Jordan did not let this stop him from playing basketball. In fact, he played at a high level in high school. He was a player on Whitney Young Magnet High School's basketball team. In fact, he played on the team in his senior year, when he took the team to the Illinois 4A State Championship game, and won! This was the team's greatest-ever season.

Marcus Jordan became a highly rated basketball recruit for a number of basketball programs all over the country. However, he eventually settled on attending and playing for the University of Central Florida. He had a very successful collegiate basketball career at the University of Central Florida and enjoyed being a Knight. He was also successful in the classroom, excelling in business classes, where he would later focus his interest. After three years of exciting basketball, Marcus Jordan decided to skip his senior year of basketball so that someone else could use his scholarship and focused on taking business classes. This decision certainly benefited him later on in life, when he began launching his own ventures.